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Change of Address (Indsat 19-01-2013)

Kindly be informed that this Danish Amateur Radio Club, OZ3RIN, with its contest call OU2R, has recently effected a change of address. Formerly we were located at a school on the outskirts of our small town called Ringsted, some 4 km from the center. Due to school reforms we have since November 18th, 2012, been re-located to another local school, now just being some 800 m. from the town central part. Located in the basement we dispose of some 80 square meters of space, which is now being organized, in order to make it a pleasant and practical place for hams. Our planned beam antenna site is calculated to be some 26 meters higher than at our previous premises, only with verticals and dipoles.
For details on our new location, Valdemarskolen, i.e. address, locator, maps and how to get there, please go back to our danish part of this site, and click on your left side 'Om OZ3RIN'. And, furthermore, how about taking some danish lessons, h i .
mgr. oz1hhh

Additional QSL Information (Indsat 02-01-2013)

Please be informed that any QSO made with our club call OZ3RIN, and/or with our contest call OU2R, can be confirmed in 4 ways, just as you prefer.

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ * Via Bureau
¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ * Via eQSL
¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ * Via LoTW
¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ * Direct with an SAE + 1 IRC or 2 GS via our qsl-manager, click 'QSL Service'-link


OU2R - our contest call (Indsat 12-12-2012)

We would like to confirm that for some time our Club also disposes of another call - OU2R - , a more user-friendly call for special occasions, as in some contests. Should you meet this call in your pile-ups, then kindly work us . Thank you.

Radiocontact with the club-members. (Indsat 02-04-2010)

If you are coming into our district one day, you may contact our members via the UHF-Ringsted repeater, specially in the morning and evening hours. OZ3REJ - RU370
Rx. 434.625 MHZ, (-2 MHz spacing = Tx 432.625). Repeater uses 82,5 Hz. sub-tone. Rpt. QTH: JO55WM
Radio Covering area is the mid, west and south of Sjaelland island (EU-029).

Look for the repeater location on this map:

You may also try to call us at VHF - 145.437,5 MHz simplex.

Welcome (Indsat 25-01-2008)

Hello to all Hams

This is the homepage of OZ3RIN an Amateur Radio Club and a local branch of our national EDR organization.

We are located in the town of Ringsted, about 60 km southwest of Copenhagen in the center of Zealand Island (IOTA EU-029).

If you are in Denmark, you are welcome to visit us. Normally, our Club is open for members and guests every Wednesday evening from 19:00 to aprox. 22:00 local time.

Our webpages are mainly in Danish, but we expect more information to be available in English soon.

Vy 73 de

OZ3RIN - EDR Ringsted